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Mikhailo Volchenko
Deputy financial director for agriculture of PC "NVAP" EL GAUCHO"
"Two my colleagues and I decided to study on the educational platform "Kultivariy". However, what happened on the course exceeded all expectations. We just have a great change in the management of the land bank. We launched our own audit, reviewed business processes, relations with land owners, heads of village councils. The knowledge gained here has allowed us to save significant funds on third-party consultants and prepare for the opening of the land market. It is extremely valuable that in addition to lectures and practical tasks, students can communicate with practisers."
Roman Galchenko
Co-owner of "Servisagro-Poltava-Plus"
"From the course "Land Cats" I gained the knowledge that was lacking and identified elements that were lacking in the management of the land bank."
Bogdan Balagura
Chairman of Tetiiv OTG and ex-head of PSP "Denykhivka"
"It is very valuable that, having passed the course, you can get integrated, comprehensive, and verified information. It is also important to communicate live with the team you are studying with and speakers who share practical experience."
Tetyana Pydorych
"Sid Corp" ("MAIS") lawyer
"The value of this training is that it is integrated. All issues are shown from different points of view - owners, lawyers, management of the land bank, organization and structuring. We will definitely keep the contacts of the speakers."
Maxym Kindyushenko
Project manager of "Tradeoptmarket"
"I think that from such a knowledge base work should begin. I am sure that the knowledge I obtained here will help me in further management."
Julia Levoshko
A student
"The course is an incredible opportunity for the younger generation to learn from the real aces of their craft. I have not received so much practical knowledge from any of the courses I have taken and I consider it is a real success for the "Land Cats" team!

Of course, I see a priority in the implementation of digitalization of the enterprise, automation of land bank management and preparation for the opening of the land market. I am endlessly thankful to the team for the acquired knowledge and practical skills, because there was no better course to imagine."

Vasyl Voitenko
Head of the land service of the agricultural company SEMAL
"The information was conveyed succinctly, accessible and clear. It is very important that after each lecture there was an opportunity to test yourself. Communication was at the highest level. I want to develop in the same way as your students! Good luck, inspiration!"
Sergey Voltornist
Head of the land service of the holding A.G.R Group
"All videos are of good quality, lecturers convey information to listeners qualitatively. The task of the case "Land Service" allows you to try yourself in the role of head of the structural unit, and the head can once again to analyze the appropriateness of the organizational structure of his unit. We liked the online meetings, because it was possible to ask questions to the lecturers and get answers to them. There was also a very pleasant communication in the Telegram-chat. I believe that the project provides a large amount of knowledge, and therefore I do not want to stop there and continue to develop in this direction."
Andrii Yelanskyi
Head of land service Grano Group
"Both the course itself and the practical work are what we face every day. After this training, we have the opportunity to improve our daily tasks. Unambiguously, the acquired knowledge can and should be used in practice. And thanks to this experience, our work becomes even more interesting."
Oleg Begmat
Co-owner and head of PSP "Orach"
"My company is already 20 years old. During this time, I thought I already knew everything about land management. But after training, I realized that you can always learn something new. I took a lot of urgent cases for myself. I think that the course is very interesting, especially before the opening of the land market, because it provides information and practical ways to prepare the land bank and create the right property complex. I am waiting for the next courses!"
Arthur Kobzar
Co-owner of FG "Sofia Agro"
"I saw something new in each video. It would seem that you are already quite familiar with the topic of land management, but in this course I discovered many useful cases. It motivated me, because I want to deepen my knowledge and become better in my work, because this is my future. I did not hesitate for a minute to participate in the project, and when I saw participants from large companies, managers, heads of companies, I realized that it would be 100% at the highest level. This is one of the best self-education courses. I have something to compare with."
Olga Ivanko
Olga Ivanko noted that the course is interesting especially for those students who do not completely understand what landowners do in real life. In addition, during the training there was an opportunity to learn how modern technologies increase the efficiency of teams and provide an opportunity to qualitatively assess the real state of affairs regarding the land bank.
Mykhailo Joss
Head of production optimization department "Agricultural System Technologies"
"The course "Clear PF" revealed many issues and helped to develop a basic understanding of the implementation of all stages of precision agriculture, step by step. It is good that, along with the online format, the speakers could be contacted live. Thanks to the curriculum, I developed a strategy for the implementation of precision agriculture in the company for the next 2 years, understood what stage of implementation of the PF we are now, and what elements need to be implemented in the near future."
Andrii Glyavin
Agrii product manager of Agrii digital services
"The "Clear PF" course helped me systematize my knowledge to further scale this business and take a more professional approach to consulting clients."
Olena Ninua
Leading agronomist of Astarta-Kyiv
"I was engaged in self-education in the field of precision agriculture. Therefore, I can objectively assess the high level of competence of teachers "Clear PF". The course is very useful for both beginners and experienced agronomists, employees responsible for the implementation of innovative technologies in the company. The course once again convinced me that precision agriculture must be done systematically.

"Clear PF" definitely has a future, because there are no analogues of such training in Ukraine yet."

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