The cost of services, the order of payment and refund
The cost of services under this Agreement is determined and applied in accordance with the Course chosen by the User, which is indicated on the relevant website page of the Course.

Payments for services are made by transferring money to the Contractor's account or using online payment systems used by the Contractor.

Funds will not be refunded after full or partial payment. If the User has paid for the course booking (if provided by the terms of payment), which is part of the payment for the course and has not made the remaining payment, the amount of such security payment is not refunded to the User.

The user may not demand a reduction of the cost of services or a refund if he has not used the services. The moment of performance of services is considered to be the transfer of access to the User's profile.

The amount of payment is set for the entire period of the Course and cannot be changed.